States and Nations

The Braughton Confederacy
Capital: Syntradda
Type; Confederation of Voluntary States
Current Rulers: King Heredon

The ruling family of Braughton Confederacy have an arrangement with the Terroaris Orraculi. The oracles have saved the Confederacy from sabotage, natural disasters, wars and illness within the Royal Family. In payment, Heredon has guaranteed the safety of the Oraculi. The Oraculi and their worshippers, the Sights, reclaimed an old castle in the mountains looking over Braughton’s capital, Syntradda. People make pilgrimages up the mountain to consult the Oraculi but the dark price of their payment and their evil natures discourage all but the most desperate.

Slave States of Duettin

The Gynocracy of Duettin is a confederated group of states that have joined together to form the Slaver Nation of Duettin. Duettins are powerful women, very sexual, intelligent and capable of inspiring devotion and worship. They came to power in small pockets and joined forces. Their source of power has always been a mystery. Each state petitions to join the Slaver State Union. Each state is then ruled by the Duettins and at the highest levels of government only women, mostly Duettins are allowed. Duettin is an agriculture power. The land they have is large and fertile, but they don’t have the manpower to cultivate it all. The Slavers use contracted slavery to offer work to the masses; working primarily on large public works like roads, bridges, hospitals, buildings, farming, etc. However, individual Slaver employment is common throughout. A Slave is a decade to lifelong employment. It is normally performed with a family, so often others can complete the contracts.


A mountainous state with limited access due to a string of snowy Lower Celestial Mountains. The Dwarves of Bur Dur had taken up residence in the worst of the snowy mountains under a pact with Jurijin. The Dwarves made a deal with Agathon, the King of Jurijin, that if they built a trade route through the mountain to a fertile and unclaimed stretch beyond that Agathon would give them full rights to their now homeland. It took 50 years to build the pass but the Dwarves built a way thorugh the mountains for Jurijin to expand. Agathon in his late age, reneged on his promises and demanded the Dwarves leave. The Bur Dur Dwarves closed the openings of the path and their homelands in the mountain. Jurijin worked for years to clear the path and claim the Pass of Agathon. They marched in with a army prepared to face the Dwarves but found only a maze of booby traps and false roads. The Dwarves had turned their homeland and the pas into a maze of the Underdark. And while the Dwarves had left, others had moved in. Jurijin claimed the Dwarves had partnered with evil forces to build the Pass and that they were right to not trust them all along. Jurijin continues to be landlocked in their mountain state.

Brandoval – stately, mystic center-like camelot. LN
Surrounds a Niagara like horseshoe of falls at the Fallen Land. The city state winds up the cliffs and over a series of islands. Mystic creatures live within the falls and Brandoval protects the falls. Their leadership is blessed by the creatures.

Imperial Prevail of Almstagg
Theocracy of Arraz Yann and Slaver Nation, exclusively human.
Almstagg is one of the nations that has a northern border defined by the Wall of the Giants. This wall butts up against mountains providing protection of sheer cliffs on the northern face. The material is volcanic basalt and forms hexagonal columns. The wall is higher than any nation could ever build and its origin is lost in myth. Beyond the wall is The Vile Necropoli.

States and Nations

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